Snowcrash Barbara d'Urso

#include <IRremote.h>

#define POWER         0xE0E040BF
#define UNO           0xE0E0906F
#define TVKEY         0xE0E0D827
#define ZERO          0xE0E08877  
#define CHPIU         0xE0E048B7
#define CHMENO        0xE0E008F7
#define SAMSUNG_BITS  32

IRsend irsend;

void setup()
  pinMode (3, OUTPUT);  //output as used in library

void loop() {

irsend.sendSAMSUNG(REPEAT, 32); // Some receivers seem to respond a lot faster when a repeat is sent before the actual command.
delay(35); //This delay is needed for optimal response.
irsend.sendSAMSUNG(ZERO, 32); // hex value, 32 bits


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